Learning All About Food

All About Food Steak SaladHere at Choose to Cook, we believe that not all food is made equal and we are dedicated to learning all about food and it’s colourful array of benefits and disadvantages.

There is healthy food. Delicious food. Cheap food. And there is food that is healthy, delicious and cheap all at the same time!

We will strive to provide you with enough information so that you can make educated food choices based on your preferences, circumstances and experience. And we will do our best to show options for variability and explain exactly why we have chosen to use and talk about the foods that we do.

Throughout the site you may find links to affiliate sources, such as Amazon. We will use this to share with you the exact items we like best and recommend for various reasons, such as quality or value. To get through the recipes and techniques we share you will never need these items, but they may in some way(s) make your life and cooking habits easier or healthier! We promise only to share items that we would personally use on a regular basis.

The “All About Food” category will cover the basics on ingredients, hot topics like dieting and embarrassing truths, nutrition, and much, much more! The premise of the site was built on the idea that almost everyone knows they should improve their eating habits, but until you actually understand what it is exactly about food that changes and impacts your life, you will not be properly motivated to make the adjustments necessary. This section of the website will go in to detail about all the ways your food choices can have either a positive or negative impact on your health and life as a whole.

If you have questions, or think that there is a topic that has not yet been covered, send us a quick note and we’ll do our best to include the content that means the most to you!