Mental Health & Mindset Virtual Summit

Health Summit Club – Mental Health & Mindset Virtual Summit

Starting January 29th, 2019 I will be hosting a 3 Day Mental Health & Mindset Virtual Summit. Mental health is a topic that I don’t think is discussed openly and honestly enough. We talk about cancer, and heart disease and diabetes frequently but mental health – more specifically, mental illness – is still whispered about […]

How To Drink More Water When You Don't Like It

How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Like It

A few months ago, I realized that my liquid intake was exclusively limited to coffee, tea, wine and beer. All of those are dehydrating and none of them are water. Water, in my opinion, was simply not satisfying and therefore not something I ever considered drinking. Does that sound familiar? Well, fear not, with commitment […]

Lentil Salad With Cumin Lime Dressing_2018 Featured Image

Lentil Salad With Cumin Lime Dressing [Video Recipe]

Full disclosure, I did not create this video. Those are not my arms with the artistic tattoos, nor do I have such impressive knife skills. However, I do have ownership of this video, and this salad is genuinely delicious with my full stamped of drool-worthy approval. This Lentil Salad With Cumin Lime Dressing is hearty, […]

Add Fruits & Vegetables To Your Holiday Feast_Featured Image

Add Fruits & Vegetables To Your Holiday Feast

Add Fruits & Vegetables To Your Holiday Feast And Impress All Your Guests, Even The Children Food is usually a main focus of any holiday season, and Christmas is no exception. Everyone gathers around the dinner table to indulge in all their own unique family traditions and eats with complete and total abandon. But…it’s not […]


Is Intermittent Fasting For Everyone?

Being a person who constantly pokes her nose into all the new health trends, I have wondered many times over the past few years, “Is intermittent fasting for everyone? Could it be for me?” I’ve heard rave reviews about how it can help with weight loss, which is a subject of interest for me, but […]

The One Nutrient You Are Nearly Guaranteed To Be Deficient In

The One Nutrient You are Nearly Guaranteed to be Deficient In

I sometimes wander over to to while my minutes – sometimes hours – away catching up on the newest and most shock-worthy healthy information I can find. Today was one of those days. I decided to give the following video a watch: Do Vegetarians Get Enough Protein? Did you watch it!? Were you shocked!? First […]

Running is the Devil's Exercise

Running is the Devil’s Exercise – quote

Chatting with a few friends today, a facetious comment was throw out about taking a dog for a run. The quite reply from one who shall remain nameless was, “Running is the Devil’s Exercise.” To be frank, I’m inclined to agree. We all know that exercise is critical to our health and running is often […]