Is Intermittent Fasting For Everyone?

Being a person who constantly pokes her nose into all the new health trends, I have wondered many times over the past few years, “Is intermittent fasting for everyone? Could it be for me?” I’ve heard rave reviews about how it can help with weight loss, which is a subject of interest for me, but […]

Running is the Devil's Exercise

Running is the Devil’s Exercise – quote

Chatting with a few friends today, a facetious comment was throw out about taking a dog for a run. The quite reply from one who shall remain nameless was, “Running is the Devil’s Exercise.” To be frank, I’m inclined to agree. We all know that exercise is critical to our health and running is often […]

Lunch Time Meal Planning Quick Fix

Lunch Time Meal Planning Quick Fix

Lunch time is a point where many people – people who start their days with the absolute best of intentions for making healthy decisions – falter. If you don’t bring a lunch to the office with you, you’re generally faced with a selection of less than optimal choices. And when you’re hungry at lunch, you’re […]

GROW UP & Hide Your Veggies

Grow Up and Hide Your Veggies

I used to HATE most veggies. Just looking at a red pepper or onion would physically make me gag. Now I’m a whole foods plant based vegan who doesn’t go a single day without savouring a rainbow of coloured veggies. What changed? I grew up. Seriously. That’s basically all that happened. I realized I was […]

Combat Colds And Seasonal Allergies On Top Of Year-Round Allergies

Toward the end of October, I began feeling it—sore throat, itchy eyes, runny nose. I think colds and seasonal allergies are worse when we have year-round allergies, too. Colds and seasonal allergies are so much like allergic reactions—so on top of your typical allergies, you’re basically chillaxing with allergy symptoms. Sure, the trees are dormant. […]

Indoor Aquaponics System: My new obsession

I’ve really been slacking with my domestic responsibilities the last couple weeks. I haven’t really cooked, or gone grocery shopping and chores are all backing up. Why am I telling the world this? Because I have discovered aquaponics! What are Indoor Aquaponics Systems? Aquaponics is growing fish and produce together pretty much wherever you want […]