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Health Summit Club – Mental Health & Mindset Virtual Summit


Monique Nelson

Founder at Choose to Cook
Monique Nelson is the founder, chief organizer and editor at Choose To Cook, and is highly motivated to help people of the world take charge of their health through simple and delicious nutritional changes.

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Starting January 29th, 2019 I will be hosting a 3 Day Mental Health & Mindset Virtual Summit. Mental health is a topic that I don’t think is discussed openly and honestly enough. We talk about cancer, and heart disease and diabetes frequently but mental health – more specifically, mental illness – is still whispered about […]


Are You Stressed? I’m stressed. ARE YOU STRESSED!?…are you stressed now?

Katryna Jolene

Katryna Jolene

Katryna Jolene is a mother of 4 beautiful, intelligent and playful children and she holds down 3 separate paying jobs. She is living proof that having a family to support doesn't have to come at the cost of healthy living and eating!
Katryna Jolene

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Choose to Cook is about health. Getting healthy and staying healthy. Diet and exercise and family. All MAJOR factors in being healthy. But it doesn’t matter how well I eat or how much running around I do, stress is the one thing that always takes me down a peg or two. Are You Stressed? Sometimes […]