Learning How To Create a Food Budget

A Food Budget is one of the most basic, effective and ignored ways to reduce living expenses in anyone’s life.

One of the first arguments that come up when the subject of “eating healthy” or “choosing organic” is broached is expense. There are many people out there who believe it is too expensive to eat healthy and that is just not true. It is perfectly feasible to choose the right ingredients in the right order at the right time of year in order to maximise your healthy food options and minimize your financial expenditure!

Many people believe passionately that fast food and pre-packaged meals are less expensive than their home made alternatives. In the Cost Comparisons category, I am going to price compare some of the most popular conveniently prepared meal costs to a healthy, delicious home made dish. You may be surprised at the results!

Once you start to understand that eating healthy can be a cost efficient way of life, you will need to learn some techniques to help you save even more. Like re-learning How to Shop. There is a technique to it!

In the final three categories, I will go through my very opinionated list of items that you should NEVER BUY, as well as some things that you should always have on hand, as Staple Foods and, finally, items that you can add to your kitchen inventory as Splurge Foods that will guarantee every meal has a WOW factor!

As you work your way through this section and develop your very own Food Budget, you will arm  yourself with important information that can literally save you money on every single meal you prepare.

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