The Technique of Meal Planning

Meal planning is basically just exactly what it sounds like – the habit of planning out your meals before you actually cook them – and it can help you shave valuable minutes – even hours – off the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, not to mention the dollars you spend at the store.

One of the most difficult ruts to bust out of when you are just starting your at home cooking journey is the difficulty with variety. As you’ll learn, one way to save time and money is to make a large batch of something and portion it out into separate meals for multiple days. When you start out, you may end up eating the same thing for dinner for a full week and, take it from me, that grows old, fast. But with proper meal planning and strategic grocery shopping, you can avoid this pitfall. The Building to Variety category will teach you valuable and insightful ways to overcome this objection to healthy, budget friendly cooking.

Another difficulty that you can come across is food storage. This includes the raw ingredients as well as the finished product. You need to understand how to keep your food fresh for the longest possible period of time in order to enjoy the full benefits of a varied and healthy eating schedule. The Food Storage category will help you here, with proven methods for storing food in the safest way possible for the freshest results!

Here at Choose to Cook the ultimate goal is to teach you how to create your own meal plans in an easy, life-altering kind of way. But we know that sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas, really hard when you are first starting, and it is a technique that takes training in order to achieve ultimate success. That is why we will be continuously building out the Monthly Menus and Weekly Menus as this site grows. These will be available for a small cost, that will be well worth it and can be even factored into your Food Budget!

Choose to Cook Podcast Special Announcement:

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To help you on your journey, Choose to Cook is in pre-production of a podcast. On this podcast, Monique will interview a potential home cook who would like to learn more about technique, budgeting, meal planning, dealing with dietary restrictions (including picky eaters!) or anything else that is stopping them from cooking on a regular basis. Each week, the individual interviewed will receive a customized meal plan and shopping list for the week the podcast is aired. If you are interested in participating, please sign up for the waiting list below and Monique will be in touch to tell you more about the criteria for being a guest.

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